3 DIY Projects To Do With Your Perennial Garden Tool

Perennial Garden TrowelA perennial garden tool is a great piece to keep in your gardening tool box, and this handy tool can help with a variety of DIY gardening projects. 3 projects that can benefit from the help of a perennial garden tool are:

1. Planting a perennial flower garden – Perennial plants are plants that return for more than 2 seasons, and planting a perennial garden is made considerably more difficult without the help of a perennial garden tool. A perennial tool helps you to plant the flowers deep enough in the ground that their roots will be able to reach optimal depths in the soil, helping them to return each year for many seasons to come.

2. Perennial fruit or vegetable planting – Perennial plants do not only come in flower varieties, and fruit or vegetable garden plots can be perennial as well. Tomatoes, raspberries, grapes, pears, chives, garlic, and ginger are all well-loved and healthy perennial plants, and creating a garden to grow these treats will require a perennial garden tool. Perennial plants have deep root systems that require the plants to be planted at a perfect level for optimal yield, and creating a successful perennial fruit or vegetable plot will require a perennial tool to get the best results!

3. Weeding – Perennial tools are also ideal to use for weeding any type of garden. The shape of the tool allows weeds and unwanted root systems to be removed easily without harming the surrounding plants in a garden plot. Weeding can sometimes be difficult when using larger tools in a smaller garden, as a gardener will not want to damage, uproot, or otherwise harm the healthy plants they are protecting against the weeds they wish to remove. The thinner shape and tough construction of a perennial garden tool allows you to dig up and remove weeds, plus their root systems, directly, giving you the opportunity to build and care for a small garden plot in an easier and more efficient way!

Perennial garden tools can be used in a variety of gardening projects, and these tools are valuable to any specific type of garden. At Wholesome Digs, we have hand crafted perennial garden tools created using only earth friendly and durable materials such as hand forged steel and American black walnut wood. Check us out today to see our perennial garden tools plus our entire line of well-made and earth friendly gardening products!

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