3 Essential Garden Tools & How To Use Them

Garden DigsThe most successful gardens are built and cared for using the best tools, and knowing just which tools are essential to your garden is an important step in the process of making your garden the most productive it can be. 3 essential garden tools that every gardener should have in their tool kits are:

  1. Garden TrowelA well-made garden trowel has many uses in a garden setting, from moving potted plants into the soil to weeding and planting seeds in a garden plot. A garden trowel, which may also be called a hand spade, is a tool with a triangular scoop-like blade attached to a handle that is normally made of wood. Garden trowels work like small shovels that are ideal for moving around small areas of soil, and one garden trowel will help any gardener with various tasks involved with planting and caring for a garden. 
  2. Garden Hoe – A garden hoe is a useful tool that is normally used to aggravate soil around plants in order to inhibit weed growth. Garden hoes can also be used to chop down already existing weeds within a garden plot area and dig small trenches that can be used to plant bulbs or seeds. These tools are also particularly handy when a gardener encounters a tough root within the soil that needs removal, as a garden hoe is ideal for chopping up the Earth around the root for easier removal. Garden hoes can also be used to harvest root vegetables such as potatoes or carrots, as their straight blade gives them the ability to dig within the soil and safely pull out crops deeply rooted within. 
  3. Planting Dibble – A planting dibble is a tool that has been used for thousands of years, and records of dibble use date back to ancient China. A planting dibble is a pointed cylindrically shaped tool that is used to put uniform holes in soil for planting seeds or bulbs. Most plants need a certain amount of room apart from each other to grow optimally, and this is most easily done with a dibble. A dibble makes it easy to create holes for seeds that are of an exact distance apart from each other and in an ideal soil depth level. A garden will not be successful if planting is not successful, and a dibble makes it far easier for any gardener to effortlessly plant any desired crop. 

A great garden will require some essential tools to ensure any planting project is a successful one. The right tools will make successful garden upkeep an easy task that gardeners will enjoy doing as they watch the fruits of their labor grow into the fruits on their table! At Wholesome Digs, we have all of the tools any gardener will need to create an ideal garden, check out our selection of hand-crafted garden hoes, dibbles, and trowels today to take the first step in creating and maintaining the garden of your dreams!


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Tipu Marma

November 25, 2020

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