5 Ways To Live A Conscious Life

Living a conscious life that embraces environmental sustainability and Earth friendliness is a way to feel good and know that you are doing all you can to help to keep the world around you beautiful and healthy. Living consciously is not difficult, and 5 ways that you can begin to live a more conscious life are listed here for you today:

  1. Go washable, not toss-able – Trading in the daily household products that you would normally dispose of after one use for washable and reusable products instead is one easy way to start living a more conscious life. Rather than using paper towels, for instance, in drying hands and surfaces, using dish towels or rags made of environmentally friendly materials can help to reduce resource usage and save money in the process! 
  2. Plant a garden – Building a garden plot and planting a garden is an excellent way to live a conscious life while simultaneously gaining a greater appreciation for greener living and creating a cost-effective way to put food on the table. Organic gardening can create healthy and earth friendly produce to help you to feed your family in a healthy way, allowing you to feel good about going green! 
  3. Save water – Saving water is an easy way to live a conscious life, and just by being mindful of water usage, you can be well on your way to reducing your carbon footprint. Turning water off when it is not being actively used, and taking advantage of hand washing certain household items are just two ways that water can be saved on a day to day basis! 
  4. Turn the power off – Powering off lights and unplugging unused power cords can not only save energy, but doing these things can help you to save money on your energy bill as well! Simply by unplugging unused appliances, or turning off unused light fixtures, you can live a more earth conscious life!
  5. Go organic – Going organic, or all natural, with your household goods, clothing, cleaners, and other products can help you to live a more conscious lifestyle. These products are created with materials, and using methods, that are friendly to the Earth, and the products' high quality construction makes them consumer friendly as well! 
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