Teaching Your Kids To Be Mindful (Eco-Friendly/Green Living)

Learning the importance of green living is crucial, and this rule applies particularly to today’s kids as they are building the world they will live in for the rest of their lives. By teaching children about eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable living, they can learn the value of the natural world around them and build a passion for keeping their planet healthy and safe. 


1. Be An Example

One way to teach kids the value of being mindful of their environment is through purchasing Earth-friendly products that show just how important you feel Earth-friendliness is. Earth-friendly clothing and toys are also safer for children, as they use materials which are non-toxic and safe for child use. At Wholesome Digs, we use all earth-friendly materials in the home goods, garden tools, and children’s toys we create, providing a place the environmentally conscious can shop and feel good about the goods they're purchasing. 


2. Build A Garden

Building a garden with your children is also an excellent way for parents to teach kids the importance of staying mindful. Kids will love seeing their hard work produce beautiful flowers and delicious produce, all while having fun and learning just how nature works in the process. Gardening can also teach kids how delicious organic fruits and vegetables can be, making it much easier to instill healthy eating habits! Kids will want to taste the produce they have helped to create, and this can help parents to teach them that both “vegetable” and “fruit” are not awful words.


3. Be Green With Wholesome Digs

We help to keep the planet a beautiful place for our children, and when children come of age, it will be their job to keep the Earth a beautiful place for following generations. Teaching kids to be mindful early on in life will allow them to stay informed and take pride in environmentally sustainable living, ensuring the world will continue to be a better place to live for many years to come. At Wholesome Digs, we have toys and garden tools to help you to teach your children just how fun and important green living is, so check us out today and see what we may have to suit your family!

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February 12, 2014

I love this article! Great suggestions. :)

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