Outdoor Water Fun - No Pool Required!

Summer time and warmer weather have finally arrived. Are your kids begging to go to the pool? Instead of carting all your gear to the local hangout, try a few outdoor water activities at home! They use minimal water and give kids hours of fun.

Water the Garden
Grab the hose or the watering cans and give your garden a drink. Your kids can "water" themselves, too, and they won't realize they're actually working!

Paint With Water
With a few brushes and water buckets, your kids can paint outside. They'll have fun and your house, fence or shed will be clean.

Turn on the Sprinkler
A simple sprinkler gives kids hours of pleasure and exercise as they run, jump and laugh. As a bonus, move it to different locations and water your entire lawn.

Load the Water Guns
Water guns come in dozens of shapes and sizes. Fill them up for an epic water battle that's fun for kids and adults.

Play Squirt Tag
Fill a few clean squirt bottles with water and let your kids play tag. The last person to get wet wins!

Jump in Puddles
Summer storms cool off the outdoor temperature. They also create plenty of puddles your kids will love to jump in.

Are your kids ready to stay cool this summer? Turn your backyard into a water park. You don't need much water, and no pool is required!

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