How To Use A Honey Dipper

Honey has many health benefits, and it’s delicious in so many different ways and recipes, making it no wonder why it has been such a well-loved treat for many centuries! Fresh and organic honey will often come in a jar, and getting your favorite honeys out of their container can lead to a very sticky situation. Honey dippers make enjoying your honeys much easier and less messy, and a great honey dipper can help you to enjoy honey easily in whatever way you see fit. 


When using a honey dipper, a person will dip the tool vertically into their jar of honey, and the grooves of the dipper will hold the honey without allowing it to drip on the jar, table, or counter top. Honey is notoriously sticky and difficult to clean, but honey dippers make a much cleaner situation out of using honey in a vast array of different ways. 


Once the honey is on the dipper, hold the tool vertically until you wish to use the honey the dipper is being used to transport. On toast, tea, baked goods, or in any chosen recipe, you will then tip the dipper to a more horizontal position and allow the honey to gently slide off for use. Using spoons, knives, or other kitchen utensils to extract honey from a jar can cause the honey to drip messily, causing an inconvenience to the user, and this is due to the lack of strategically placed grooves. A honey dipper is meant to evenly and effortlessly distribute honey, making it a must have for all honey lovers! 


Fresh and organic honey has many health benefits, some including:


  • Helping throat irritation
  • Increasing athletic performance due to helping to maintain glycogen levels 
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Anti-fungal properties
  • Honey is packed full of antioxidants and flavonoids which help to reduce cancer and heart disease risks


With all of the health benefits of honey, and its undoubtedly pleasant flavor which adds a little something special to manyrecipes, having a bit of honey with your tea, meals, or desserts is never a bad idea. A well-made honey dipper is the perfect tool for those who already love honey or for those just looking to get better acquainted with the ingredient, and it can make adding honey to any dish easy. We at have honey dippers hand made out of either black walnut or Kentucky coffeetree woods, two options made to suit any kitchen décor. Check out our honey dippers today to see just how much easier enjoying honey can be!


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