Toys For Tikes: Toy Tool Box & Tools

At, we want kids to have only the highest quality and best made toys possible, and this feeling is perfectly represented with our toy tool box and tools! Little boys and girls both enjoy helping out with the projects around the house. These tools provide a fun learning experience for any child and they can feel like they are making a difference in your next do it yourself project! 


This set comes with a carrying box, hammer, screwdriver, 6 inch ruler, saw, hand drill, and square, and each piece is made of environmentally sustainable as well as highly durable wood. The carrying box in particular is made of American oak wood, and this is a toy set that will last through many years of hard play. The high quality materials allow for your children to have a toy that they can pass on to their own children one day, as this is a well-loved set that is built for multiple generations of enjoyment. 


The colored portions of the wood are created using child safe enamel with a water base, and we only use materials on the safe substances list with all of our toys. This attention to safety in the materials used in this set allows it to be one toy that you can feel comfortable allowing your children to play with, as each material is added with a child’s use in mind. 


The woods used in creating this set are all also environmentally friendly, as they are only taken from sustainable forests across the United States. This allows you to feel good about the natural materials used in your children’s toys, because they are just as friendly to your children as they are to the earth they live in! 


At, we have this wonderfully built toy tool box and tools as well as many other children’s toys to choose from. All of our toys are environmentally friendly, safe, and well-made, so check us out today to find your child’s new favorite toy!


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