How To Use A Walnut Planting Dibble

Gardening is an excellent way to pass time, save money, and get better acquainted with nature, but finding ways to successfully garden in a more convenient way is ideal. A walnut planting dibble is a tool that will allow you to plant a multitude of different bulbs or seeds in a way that is far easier and more uniform than using your hands or other gardening tools, and with a planting dibble you can be on your way to a more organized and efficient gardening experience! 


At, our black walnut planting dibble provides all of the benefits of a great gardening dibble while being hand turned using only the highest quality natural materials. Hand turned and comprised of American Black Walnut, this dibble can be used to plant bulbs and seeds alike, allowing you the opportunity to plant a perfectly spaced and organized garden in a fraction of the time. With these tools, you can spend more time enjoying your garden and less time in the building process. 


When using one of our black walnut planting dibbles, you hold the dibble vertically and press the pointed end into the soil to your desired depth. You can then use the clean and uniform hole made by the dibble to plant your seeds at their optimal depth and space from one another. When using other tools or your hands, it can be difficult to create the equally sized and spaced holes needed to ensure great growth, making this dibble a must have for every gardener. 


After using your dibble, it is recommended that the dibble be gently wiped with a moist cloth, and that is all the cleanup that is necessary. The smooth surface of the dibble makes it a breeze to keep clean, and your dibble can then be stored for its next easy and convenient use. Other tools may get messy due to grooves or other components, but a dibble is designed to be easy to use and easy to keep, making it the must have garden tool for all types of planting and growing. 


At, our black walnut planting dibbles are built to work and built to last, as they are hand made using only the finest materials possible. If you are looking to make your next gardening adventure a little easier, check out our planting dibbles today to get started!


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