Why Choose Olive Wood Over Other Types of Wooden Kitchen Tools?

Handcrafted kitchen items have a natural and whimsical charm that simply cannot be matched with industrial made tools and implements. The warm and rich glow of handcrafted wooden tools and cutting boards not only gives a timeless sense of beauty, but also enhances organic and natural living. Certain types of woods look better than others when it comes to kitchen implements, and one big favorite is olive wood. 

Olive wood produces an unusual color and has a pattern of dark streaks mixed in with creamy tendrils. The older olive wood gets, the more it ages beautifully, and old wooden tools have breathtaking color patterns within. It is also unusually dense and thick, making it perfect for heavy duty wooden cutting boards, platters and tools.

Olive wood is not native to the United States and because it is imported, it can be hard to find good quality olive wood items. However, the fact that it gets better as it ages is one reason why olive wood pieces are completely worth the extra expense. Olive wood kitchen items, if properly cared for, can last for many years.

The lovely patterns of cream, yellow and dark brown of olive wood can be brought to a glowing sheen with a simple application of mineral oil, and so you can easily turn your kitchen tools into works of kitchen art as well. Since olive wood is so strong and sturdy, it can withstand actual use. This is no fragile item that you can display and not enjoy – olive wood combines the best of natural wooden beauty with form and functionality.

When looking over your possibilities for olive wood kitchen tools and implements, remember that these items are incredibly stylish and can go just as well with a rustic kitchen décor as they can with a contemporary or modern kitchen. Your home deserves the very best, and if you love to cook, you will love the quality offered by olive wood.

Want a low maintenance, long lasting and breathtakingly beautiful kitchen tool? Olive wood makes spectacular cutting boards, spoons, mortar and pestles and just about anything you could want. Due to the interesting differences in the grain of the wood, every piece will be a one of a kind treasure that you can enjoy, look at and keep for many years to come.

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