Organic Gardening Ideas You Can Do With Your Children

Kid friendly gardens are a must for anyone who plans to enjoy the great outdoors with their young ones. As more people are looking for ecologically friendly ways to inspire compassionate living in the younger generations, parents are increasingly looking for gardening ideas that are easy to utilize for children of all ages.

Gardening can teach children many things. Not only does it get them outside in the fresh air and sunshine where they can observe the life spans and workings of insects, the sun and water, but they can learn how the ground offers sustenance. Gardening gives children a chance to burn off some of their extra energy in a very positive and constructive way, and can also give parents long lasting memories of teaching their children the value of nature.

Since younger children need plants that give almost instant gratification, one terrific gardening idea includes growing beans. Beans, and in particular, green beans will sprout very quickly once put in the right soil, and your child can help construct the fencing or teepees to house the fast growing vines. These plants are also low maintenance and are easy to tend to.

When growing with your children, be sure to teach them about how sustainability works. Set up a compost pile, and teach them how to add in leaves, mulch and grass to create wonderful and rich soil. Composting is a way to use garbage to create food – a lesson that many children will be fascinated with!

An herb garden is also a fun kid’s garden idea. Herbs tend to do well in areas of poor soil and typically need very little watering or maintenance. Even better, your child can also learn how to harvest and dry the herbs for use in tea. You can grow some mint, and enjoy it for many years as a soothing tea that your own child made.

It is easy today to create a totally organic and kid-friendly garden. You don’t even have to buy chemicals for bug sprays, but can use harmless soap and botanicals instead. Gardens are fun and they often make a lasting impression on children of all ages. You can use this gentle teaching tool to help your children understand the circle of life and their place in it. Organic gardening information can give you all of the tools you need to be an example of a sustainable and ecologically friendly lifestyle.


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