Caring For Your Wooden Kitchen Tools Is Important

Wooden kitchen tools offer many advantages in cooking. They do not scrape the non-stick pans, and are also very lightweight and easy to use. They are often very lovely and stylish to look at as well, and can make a remarkable display in your kitchen if they are hung from the walls or from hooks. However, wooden kitchen tools take a bit more care in order to keep them in top condition. For instance, wooden cutting boards are great, but they can actually absorb liquids and bacteria if not cleaned properly.

You can use food safe mineral oil or even olive oil to add a nice polish into the wood. Simply rub onto the wooden utensils with a cloth and remove the excess. Your wooden tools will absorb the oil and it will keep them from getting too dry and splitting. Never use vegetable oils on your wooden utensils as it will eventually turn rancid.

Always keep your wooden kitchen implements out of direct water. The wood will eventually absorb any excess water and it causes the wood to rot or split. After cleaning your wooden kitchen tools, hang them up to dry and never allow them to sit in water for a prolonged period of time.

Most cleaning products are safe to use on wooden tools, but organic salt is tremendously helpful, particularly for cutting boards. The coarse salt can be used for a scrub that will remove any excess bacteria or oils or debris from the cutting board, leaving it shiny and clean.

Finally, wooden spoons and tools will often get little spurs on them that can snag foods, clothing and even your skin. If your wooden tools get rough around the edges, you will need to carefully and thoroughly sand them back to smoothness. You don’t need to toss those spoons, though, because wood will go back to like-new condition if you sand and then oil the tool.

Dishwashers are not your wooden tool’s best friends. The hot water and steam can literally destroy your tools and cutting boards over time. Be sure to always hand wash your wooden utensils to keep them in great shape.

In order to keep your wooden utensils and cutting boards in great condition, you will need to keep them well-oiled when not in use.

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