How To Craft A Perfect Cheese Platter With Olive Wood

The glorious cheese platters you see around the holidays are not only tasty, but very decorative as well. As cheese goes so well with many types of wines, drinks and foods, it is a very popular finger food item to enjoy at parties and gatherings. However, you want to ensure that your cheese platter does justice to your tastes and style!

The lovely Olive Wood Rustic Serving Board is very versatile. In keeping with a simple and yet natural feel, this slab of delightfully colored olive wood makes a surprisingly sophisticated cheese platter base. You can add in a touch of nature and enjoy the fun whimsy of combining sophisticated cheeses and décor touches as well. Made of pure olive wood, the individual differences in knots and coloring will ensure that this is a one of a kind platter your guests will never forget. The flat base and top will let you keep your cheeses in place and serve them by hand or leave them on a buffet for easy access.

How To Craft A Perfect Cheese Platter With Olive Wood
The Olive Wood Extra Large Rustic Serving Board features an intriguing shape on the outer edges that blends seamlessly with the wooden surface. Deep and dark colors streak throughout this serving platter for an eye catching display that is perfect for all of your holiday cheeses. This sturdy board will last for many years, and can be enjoyed in a variety of settings. The wood is easy to clean and the flat surface allows you to set layers of cheeses or stack them up high.

The trick to crafting a perfect cheese platter is to see the display as a whole. Use the colors of the serving platter to help enhance different types or colors of cheeses to bring them to full attention. Mix and match the rustic sensibility of these olive wood boards with the sleek sophistication of gorgeous cheese knives and gourmet cheeses for an unforgettable combo.

Always remember – the best way to make an impression is to do the unexpected. Anyone can make a ho-hum cheese platter with plastic plates – it’s up to you to create a work of edible art. Olive wood is not only beautiful, but makes a great looking platter that can ensure that your cheeses are perfect every single time. You may enjoy the grain in the wood enough to use this platter for all of your finger foods.

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