Kinderbots - My Elementary School Project

This is my first year as an elementary school mom and let's just say I think I am learning as much as my kindergartener. She has gotten three tardies in the first month, I have thrown away ungraded homework assignments numerous times and the dress I put her in for picture day broke the dress code. I really think it's the parent who should be getting a report card the first year. It’s May now, and most of that was in April (ok fine, I did throw her homework out last week) but I think I have gotten the hang of it for the most part.

I have even been able to volunteer in her classroom and teach art to the kids. It is so much fun! We have painted, cut, drawn, and even smeared shaving cream all over the tables. The shaving cream activity might have been the absolute most fun I have ever seen a room of kids have, and it's a great way to clean tables. 

This spring, our school PTA is putting on an auction to raise money and also serve as a community building fun night out for the parents. They asked that each class donate a collaborative art piece which each child had a hand in that could be auctioned off for the school. I got to thinking (aka trolling Pinterest) and tried to come up with a creative, fun idea. Not only did it need to be suitable for kindergarteners to participate in but the end piece needed to be something someone would actually pay money for and hang on their wall. It was kind of a challenge.

Then, unexpectedly when I was in their classroom teaching a lesson about drawing creatures out of shapes, an idea came to me. Their creations were so incredible! Their creativity and lack of inhibition is mind boggling and inspiring.

One of the creatures looked like a robot and it gave me a fantastic idea. After class I headed to our local Goodwill and combed through the framed art section. Finally, I found what I was looking for, a framed city-scape print. I quickly paid the $12.99 and headed home. The next week in class I handed out blank 3x4 index cards and asked the kids to draw robots on the cards using the shape method we has used for the creatures. I was not disappointed. I got lots and lots of robots to use and was excited to start making my Robot City. After our girls were quietly tucked into bed that night I began. I layed out all the robots and started clipping, arranging, coloring and modgepodging until I had the perfect arrangement. I had turned Christopher Corr’s New York City Scape into Kinderbot City, Kirkland USA. I even snuck a 12th Man flag in there to please my Seahawk loving husband.

I think I am feeling better about being an elementary school mom now. I think I am probably up to about B+ now, and if I knew how that translated into the new grading system, I would probably be closer to an A+. I hope you enjoy looking at our collaborative Kinderbot City, and maybe you will even be inspired to create your own hometown city collage.



May 08, 2014

I agree with Candice…definitely an A+…and I’m sure it will sell quickly. What a super idea!


May 06, 2014

You got an A+ for this project. Great work!! What an inspiration you are Wholesome Darcy.

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