Spring In the Pacific Northwest

I love Spring in the Pacific Northwest. Days like today are amazingly sunny and 65 degrees with birds chirping. Bulbs are blooming or at least forcing their green heads out of the black earth preparing to burst into color. Forsythia bushes are bursting with yellow flowers in many yards and just about everything else is starting to show hints of new green growth. It is a time for rejuvenation and new life. 

Inside your home (if you are anything like me), Spring is time for freshening up and cleaning. A new coat of paint on an old piece of furniture or maybe a new shower curtain in a small bathroom can make a world of difference. Thinking about actually tackling the task of washing all the windows inside and out sounds almost like fun! I can see it now, buckets of warm soapy water on the deck, barefoot little girls smiling as we scrub away all the accumulated dust from the removed window screens. How bright and clear our view is after! Who knew cleansing your view could make such a difference! Everything seems brighter now looking from the inside out… which is what we will be needing in the months to come. Because as we all know the shining sun is fickle here in the springtime and she won’t be out for long. We have to soak it up while she’s around, and get outside! Sprinkle some wild flower seeds in that patch of dirt around the side of the house, bring your fuchsias out of hibernation, pull out those weed starts before their roots take hold and rake up the last leaves that have blown around all winter. 

One of my very favorite things to do in the early spring is to fill my front yard with primroses (I can usually get them for about a dollar at the grocery store), and fill my deck pots with beautiful flowers. Then when the grey returns, I look out my glass doors at the drizzling rain and at least it is falling gently on my beautiful pink and purple pansies and it brings a small smile to my lips. It reminds me that the sun will shine again, and yes there is growth outside and indeed summer will be here before I know it, and I will be dipping my feet in the lake trying to cool off.

~ Darcy

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