Gardening for the Good of it All

There are so many environmental problems going on right now that it is difficult to find any peace of mind. For those of us concerned about the environment, and who love to garden, there are some projects that can help you exceed where others might fail.

Bee friendly plants are one area where every gardener can reap the benefits of their labors. Bees after all, help to pollinate our gardens, which help to feed us all. It is a win, win. Earlier this year there were a couple of articles that explained some of the pressures that bees face. One of those pressures is toxic pollen. The over-spraying of pesticides and fungicides is taking a toll on bee populations. Another set of articles that have been making environmental headlines are the plants that are engineered to harm insects such as bees. All the more reason to find and plant bee-friendly plants.

Bee friendly plants are those that are organic and that flower. They are easy to find if you have an organic nursery, but you can also grow your own from seeds. In the spirit of exceeding where others fail a product that allows you to spread the gift of bee safe pollen is the urban growing, self-watering garden. This is a product that is small enough to fit on anyone's patio and because it is a self-watering unit it does not require much attention. As gifts, these help you increase the amount of bee safe pollen beyond your garden. Plus, if the person who receives this as a gift is a brown thumb gardener it is easy to schedule a reminder for them to water the container once a week. The upside of this is that the bees have another source of pesticide free pollen, your friend gets a low impact garden that makes a difference, and you exceed where others have failed. Bee the One!

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