The Gift of Gift Giving - One of Seven Love Languages

People offer and receive love messages in different forms. When family, friends and loved ones understand the seven love languages, and who operates within each, a deeper communication of intimacy and appreciation flows between them. One easily misunderstood love language is gift giving and receiving. Somewhere within the heart, mind and soul of a person gifted with the gift giving love language, dwells an insight into what people within their sphere of influence will enjoy, delight in and feel inspiration from.

This gift-giving ability is set far apart from any motivation to manipulate or control a relationship. The true desire of a natural gift-giver is to bless, please and show love through a sensitively chosen gift. Some people who fear the depth of connection they feel when a person gives them a gift that profoundly touches them, mistakenly think the person is trying to influence them in some way. Having the love language of gift-giving, and receiving, is meant to touch people in an unselfish way, it often sensitizes the human spirit.

People possessing this gift also respond differently to gifts that are given to them. Their inner-sense picks up intentions and selfless expressions from the gift-giver as well. Other expressions of love, such as those who do good deeds or spend meaningful time with a friend, spouse or family member to exhibit their love, are very meaningful to a gift-giver. Though these type love languages don't touch the heart of a giver, as much as a thoughtful keepsake.

It's been discovered that people with matching love languages connect on some deeper level because of the heart-link they share. Love language gift-givers are always looking for quality made gifts that speak to the heart.

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