Eco-Friendly Presents: Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Green Christmas gift ideas for those who adore the Earth. What better season to give the gift of earth-friendly products. Think sustainable materials and long-life designs. Think products that help improve your sustainable lifestyle. Here are a few examples that rock a green Christmas.

Classic Bamboo Cutting & Serving Plank: Bamboo is a highly sustainable raw material. It is durable and offers a long life of use, negating the need to buy replacement products. It is also fully biodegradable too.

Olive Wood Rustic Mortar and Pestle: Made from renewable olive wood, this mortar and pestle are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. This is a tool that encourage growing your own herbs. Its easy design make it simple to utilize the herbs that you grow in your organic garden.

Culti Cave Mini Greenhouse: Take full control over what you eat by growing your own food. This mini greenhouse lets organic gardeners get a head start on the growing season. Grow your seedlings and starts indoors from organic seeds.

Recycled Sickle Tooth Hand Hoe: This hoe is made from recycled sickle hay mower blades. Repurposed into an effective hand hoe, this hoe makes easy work of spring garden chores. The comfortable black walnut handle is as durable as the sickle teeth blade.

Hand Turned Honey Locust Bowel: The beautiful details found in the wood make this bowl a keeper. Made from sustainable honey locust, this bowl works well as a fruit bowl or for bread and baked goods. This amazingly beautiful bowl is a wonderful addition to any table.

These beautiful and quality green products make excellent gifts for any home. Treat your gardeners and chef to an amazing green Christmas.

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