5 Christmas Gifts That Are Environmentally Friendly

These five awesome gifts that are beautiful, enjoyable and environmentally friendly.

Tic Tac Toe Game with Marbles: This classic game is perfect for people of all ages. The beautiful wooden board also contains two hidden pockets to store the marbles. Made from sustainable products, this game is designed to last a lifetime.

Wooden Cube Puzzle: This is a perfect gift for those who want to challenge their mind. Young our old, this puzzle provides hours of entertainment. It is constructed of sustainable woods. It makes an interesting decoration and is manufactured under fair trade practices. Makes a perfect stocking stuffer.

Cedar Wood Decorative Box: This decorative box is beautiful. This is a wonderful gift for those who want a special box in which to keep precious things. It is manufactured under fair trade practices of sustainable cedar. Cedar is durable and is well known to repel pests.

Hand Turned Oak bowl: This unique oak bowls offer amazing characteristics and beautiful grain patterns. Oak is a beautiful hardwood, and these bowls are perfect to display smaller items. Each bowl is unique and richly appointed in style. The amazing luster finish is bright but does not diminish from the beautiful wood.

Olive Wood Single Side Rustic Edge Board: Olive wood is full of characteristics that make this one of the most beautiful woods. The grain pattern is rich, and the beautiful designs are an amazing way to showcase foods such as cheeses. The rounded board makes an excellent and sophisticated way to present food. These serving boards are made from responsibly sourced Olive wood. The wood itself is hard, durable and even contains anti-bacterial properties. This is a gift that is sure to please anyone who entertains.

Enjoy the season of giving by giving gifts that benefit the earth. These sustainable products are either made in the USA or are procured using Fair Trade Practices. These are guilt free, beautiful and environmentally friendly.


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