End Your Dependency on Paper Products

Our love affair with convenience is coming to an end. Every day more and more families are choosing to live sustainably by replacing habits of convenience with thoughtful and purposeful substitutions. Paper products, while useful in the moment, take a disastrous toll on the health of our forests, contribute thousands of pounds of trash into our municipal waste stream, and add a significant heft to our grocery bills. Small steps are all it takes to lessen your dependency on household paper products. Here are some tips to help you get started.

  •  Stop buying paper towels - A basket or drawer full of rags or old washcloths is all you need to wipe up spills.
  • Make your own baby wipes - Start with a yard of super soft flannel, cut it into washcloth size squares, and store them in a disposable baby wipe container or a plastic bag. Now mix plain water with a few drops of baby soap and your choice of essential oil. Pour the liquid over your wipes and you'll be ready for the next diaper change or sticky hand.
  • Use cloth napkins - Cloth napkins add a touch of class to any meal. They are beautiful, durable, and easy to wash. 
  • Give up coffee filters - Two words for you. French press. Once you try brewing your coffee in a French press, you’ll never go back to paper coffee filters. The flavor and aroma is beyond beautiful. You’ve got to try it for yourself. 
  • Reduce your junk mail - Visit www.optoutprescreen.com to stop receiving prescreened credit card and insurance offers. To stop receiving unsolicited commercial mail, register your address with the Direct Marketing Association
These small but significant steps will save you money while reducing waste in your home. After a few weeks, you will have formed a permanent sustainable habit. 
What about you? How are you reducing disposable products in your home?

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