How to Build a Bean Teepee for Natural Play

What do teepees, imagination, green beans and children have in common? They all thrive outdoors! Learn how to build a green bean teepee as you create a natural play environment that's unique, fun and tasty.

Prepare the Frame Materials
Ideally, six eight-foot bamboo or steel plant stakes and six 12-to-14-inch terra cotta planters create the teepee frame. Help your kids paint the pots, then fill them with a few inches of gravel and potting soil.

Assemble the Frame
Lay the stakes in a bundle and use twine to tie them about eight-inches from one end. Then place the pots in a circle and spread the frame so that one stake sticks in the center of each pot.
Once the stakes and pots are placed where you want them, firmly push the stakes into the pots. Also, reinforce the top of the teepee by winding heavyweight rope or sisal twine between and around the stakes.

Next, wrap and stretch twine around the poles to create a framework. Remember to leave an opening for your children to climb into the structure.

Plant the Beans
It's time to plant! Place eight seeds of any green bean variety in each pot. You may also add climbing flowers like morning glories or honeysuckle.

While it's still a little early to plant vegetables, it's the perfect time to plan a green bean teepee. It's a fun, unique and natural play addition to your backyard.

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