Plan Now for a Bountiful Spring Table

While most of the eastern part of the nation is covered in feet, and feet of snow, the west coast is blazing in sunshine. Right now is the perfect time for planning your spring or early summer garden. At the same time plan your spring and summer table. What this means is simply to decide to grow what you eat the most. The concept of "from garden to table" is increasingly important from a green standpoint, but also from an environmental standpoint. Here is a look at some tips to planning a great spring and summer table

Remember those New Years resolutions? 

Were you one of the millions who decided that this year was a health conscious year? If so, there is plenty of time to make that happen. One of the biggest contributors to health is our diet. By planning to grow foods that easily convert into snacks or meals, gives you the advantage of having the perfect snack available when you are hungry. 

  • Radish — grow easily indoors in a flower pot, and they don't mind cooler temperatures. These fast crops are harvestable in as little as 30 days, and they make an excellent snack.
  • Garlic — easy to grow and does not take up much space. This is another perfect windowsill plant. Plant it now and move the container outdoors when spring has sprung. The benefit of growing your own garlic is that it goes in everything. 
  • Start an indoor herb garden — A small table with a few pots is all that you need to grow awesome herbs. Like garlic, you can move the pots outside once the weather becomes nicer. Start your project now and enjoy an earlier bounty of goodness. 

Growing Green

When you grow your own food, you give so much back to the environment. The first gift you give is to better soil health. Organic gardening improves soil health, and that is a big plus for decreasing greenhouse gas bleed-off. Another positive gift is that you drive less to the grocery store, and your produce is being driven to the grocery store. Both of those little presents help to decrease the use of fossil fuels, and that helps improve the air we breath. A green garden also absorbs incoming solar radiation, and that is a huge benefit to the war against global warming. 

All of these little things add up to a big contribution. Whether your goal is to eat better or to help save the Earth or both, these little projects are a big step forward. 

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