Four Games That Make Spring Cleaning Seem Like Play Time

Spring cleaning season has arrived! We suggest you grab your cleaning supplies and gather your kids. That's right, your kids are going to help and have fun as you turn spring cleaning into game time.

Turn on the Music
Whether your kids love holiday tunes or classic rock, turn up the radio volume as you clean. We encourage our kids to sing along and dance as they work. Your kids might also appreciate a quick break after every 10 songs.

Beat the Timer
Our kids like to race, so we set a timer and see if they can sort all the books, dust the baseboards or sweep the floor before the timer dings. How many chores can your kids complete as they beat the timer?

Play I Spy
I Spy helps kids focus on one thing at a time, and it prevents our kids from feeling overwhelmed with the chore list. To play, send one child to collect round balls in the garage while another one dusts all the brown furniture in the room.

Start a Friendly Competition
Will the boys, girls, Team Mom or Team Dad clean their closets the fastest or complete the most tasks? Kids usually work harder when they compete, especially if the winners choose the evening activity or break time treat.
Are you ready to have fun as you spring clean? Gather your kids and play these four games! Your house will soon be neat, healthy and clean, and your family will have fun in the process.

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