4 Life Lessons Your Kids Learn From Worm Farming

Slick, smooth and slithery worms do so much more than play in dirt all day. They also teach your kids four important life lessons, making a worm farm an invaluable addition to your family's daily routine.

1. Work Hard

Worm farming only takes a few minutes a day, but it does require consistent work. Assign your kids different tasks based on their ages and abilities so they learn the discipline of hard work.

2. Protect the Environment

By nurturing a worm farm, your kids protect the environment in two small but important ways. First, worms improve soil as they aerate, till and fertilize the dirt in which they live. These small creatures also reduce waste since they can eat your family's veggie scraps.

3. Learn Business Skills

Whether you sell the compost to gardeners or sell worms as bait, a worm farms teaches your kids how to run a business. They're learn to advertise the products, talk to customers and manage a budget as your family earns extra cash for a fun treat, family vacation or more worm farms!

4. Have Fun
There's something relaxing about watching worms at work. If you kids are like ours, they'll spend hours being entertained by your worms.

Who would have thought that worms could be so beneficial for kids? Starting a worm farm requires a small initial investment, but the rewards are big.

We think you'll want to start one in your backyard, basement or spare room this spring as you teach your kids learn valuable skills and life lessons.

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