How to Freeze Fresh Strawberries

Did you know that 600 strawberry varieties grow in the U.S.? We love eating this refreshing fruit on fresh shortcake, but berries also taste delicious when they're frozen. Here's our favorite method for freezing fresh strawberries.

Select Bright, Ripe and Firm Berries

The tastiest berries smell like strawberries, have a bright color and feel firm. If the berries don't meet these standards, don't bring them home. By selecting healthy and ripe produce to freeze now, you enjoy better berries later!

Prep the Fruit Properly

As soon as possible, prepare your fruit for the freezer.

1. Wash the berries in cold water and toss any that are squishy, discolored or overly ripe. If your kids are helping, remind them to be gentle so they don't bruise the fruit.

2. Transfer your fresh berries to a dry paper towel, spread the fruit in a single layer and pat each berry dry.

3. Hull the fruit. You can use a fancy strawberry huller or a paring knife for this job. Or let your kids push a straw through the bottom and "capture" the green cap on top.

Freeze With Ease

Now that your berries are prepped, arrange the fruit in single layers on baking sheets and place the baking sheets in the freezer. The fruit usually freezes solid in a few hours or overnight. Our kids then immediately place the fruit in plastic freezer bags, leaving a little breathing room at the top. The fruit stays fresh for up to six months, if you can wait that long to eat it!

We love frozen strawberries in fruit salad, smoothies or cereal. What will you do with your delicious frozen strawberries?

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