Four Tips That Motivate Your Kids to Help in the Garden

If your kids are like ours, they love to garden and spend time outdoors. Now I'm not saying they don't sometimes whine about weeding, but we've implemented several tricks that make gardening fun, and maybe these trick will work for your family, too!

1. Play a Game

Sing silly songs, play I Spy or challenge the kids to a speedy weeding contest as you play games while gardening.

2. Gross Them Out

Are your kids into slime, worms or mud? Encourage them to find these fascinating items as they work in the garden.

3. Offer a Reward

We aren't suggesting you bribe your kids, but a small reward might motivate them to work hard. A promise of fresh fruit smoothies can motivate little hands to weed fast, and a romp in the sprinklers can encourage your little helpers to water the plants. We think child-sized tools in fun colors are also a reward that almost turns gardening chores into play time.

4. Show Them Some Results

Who doesn't love juicy tomatoes right off the vine or crisp cucumbers in salad? Show your kids that their hard work produces yummy results, and they may be more willing to pitch in with weeding and watering.

While we can't guarantee results, these tricks might motivate your kids to help willingly in the garden. And hopefully, they'll come to love your family garden as much as we love ours!

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