Four Fun and Entertaining Rainy Day Indoor Activities for Your Kids

Summer is the season for outdoor play. But what happens when it rains? Playing in the rain is amazing if it's warm enough but not so much when it's chilly. At our house, we have fun indoors, and maybe these ideas will entertain  your kids on the next rainy summer day!

1. Bake

Let your kids find new cookie recipes in your recipe book collection or on Pinterest. Then, bake a few batches, save a few to eat and share the rest with neighbors. This activity keeps your kids busy and teaches them to work together and share with others.  

2. Scavenger Hunt

An all-time favorite rainy day activity, a scavenger hunt also cleans the house. Simply choose a few  categories like books, pens or clothing. The kids divide into teams, choose a category and race to collect the most items before the timer beeps.

3. Tea Party

Almost every kid enjoys preparing snack plates, decorating the table and dressing up in costumes for a fun tea party. They get to practice manners and table conversation, too.

4. Dance Party

With the radio or YouTube and their dancing shoes, kids will have fun dancing to their favorite tunes. You can even join them and add your favorite songs to the play list as you work off a few calories and extra energy.

There's no reason to be bored on the next rainy day. Try one of these ideas, and everyone stays busy and has fun.

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