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How to Build a Bean Teepee for Natural Play

What do teepees, imagination, green beans and children have in common? They all thrive outdoors! Learn how to build a green bean teepee as you create a natural play environment that's unique, fun and tasty.

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Six Ways to Keep Toddlers Occupied During Meal Prep

Preparing meals is a labor of love in our home, and we enjoy involving our kids in the process. Unfortunately, several dangers like hot pans and boiling water don't mix well with curious toddlers. We found several ways to keep toddlers occupied, safe and supervised during meal prep. Maybe these suggestions will work for your family, too.

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4 Life Lessons Your Kids Learn From Worm Farming

Slick, smooth and slithery worms do so much more than play in dirt all day. They also teach your kids four important life lessons, making a worm farm an invaluable addition to your family's daily routine.

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Organic Gardening Ideas You Can Do With Your Children

Kid Friendly Organic Gardening IdeasKid friendly gardens are a must for anyone who plans to enjoy the great outdoors with their young ones. As more people are looking for ecologically friendly ways to inspire compassionate living in the younger generations, parents are increasingly looking for gardening ideas that are easy to utilize for children of all ages.


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Toys For Tikes: Toy Tool Box & Tools

At WholesomeDigs.com, we want kids to have only the highest quality and best made toys possible, and this feeling is perfectly represented with our toy tool box and tools! Children enjoy helping out with projects around the house, and these tools provide a fun learning experience!


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Teaching Your Kids To Be Mindful (Eco-Friendly/Green Living)

Learning the importance of green living is crucial, and this rule applies particularly to today’s kids as they are building the world they will live in for the rest of their lives. By teaching children about eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable living, they can learn the value of the natural world around them and build a passion for keeping their planet healthy and safe.


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Handmade Fire Engine with Ladders - Wholesome Digs

The handmade wooden Fire Engine comes with two firemen and two removable ladders.