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Natural Egg Coloring Dyes Straight From the Kitchen

Dying eggs is one of our family's spring traditions. If your family also enjoys mixing colors and designing works of art together, try our favorite natural dye recipes that come straight from your kitchen.

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How to Build a Bean Teepee for Natural Play

What do teepees, imagination, green beans and children have in common? They all thrive outdoors! Learn how to build a green bean teepee as you create a natural play environment that's unique, fun and tasty.

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Kinderbots - My Elementary School Project

I was asked to create and donate a collaborative art piece to be auctioned off for the school. The piece was to be created my daughters kindergarten class. I got to thinking (aka trolling Pinterest) and tried to come up with a creative, fun idea. Not only did it need to be suitable for kindergarteners to participate in but the end piece needed to be something someone would actually pay money for and hang on their wall.

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Indoor Parachute Activity

A quick and easy parachute activity for the kiddos.


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Quick and easy craft for kids.

Quick and easy craft for the kids. Today’s show was about a puppy and a kitty. #puppetshow #craft #itstoocoldtoplayoutside