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How To Use A Walnut Planting Dibble

A walnut planting dibble is a tool that will allow you to plant a multitude of different bulbs or seeds in a way that is far easier and more uniform than using your hands or other gardening tools, and with a planting dibble you can be on your way to a more organized and efficient gardening experience!


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How To Use A Honey Dipper

Honey has many health benefits, and it’s delicious in so many different ways and recipes, making it no wonder why it has been such a well-loved treat for many centuries! Fresh and organic honey will often come in a jar, and getting your favorite honeys out of their container can lead to a very sticky situation. Honey dippers make enjoying your honeys much easier and less messy, and a great honey dipper can help you to enjoy honey easily in whatever way you see fit.


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Hand Turned Black Walnut Bowl.

#Handturned wooden bowl. Made from a western Washington Black Walnut tree.