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Toys For Tikes: Toy Tool Box & Tools

At WholesomeDigs.com, we want kids to have only the highest quality and best made toys possible, and this feeling is perfectly represented with our toy tool box and tools! Children enjoy helping out with projects around the house, and these tools provide a fun learning experience!


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How To Use A Honey Dipper

Honey has many health benefits, and it’s delicious in so many different ways and recipes, making it no wonder why it has been such a well-loved treat for many centuries! Fresh and organic honey will often come in a jar, and getting your favorite honeys out of their container can lead to a very sticky situation. Honey dippers make enjoying your honeys much easier and less messy, and a great honey dipper can help you to enjoy honey easily in whatever way you see fit.


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Gifting Ideas: Finding The Right Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday that you can spend honoring those you love, and finding that special gift does not need to be difficult! At WholesomeDigs.com, we have a plethora of different products that make perfect gifts for your special someone, and each piece is made with environmental sustainability, safety, and quality in mind! 


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Handmade Log Truck with Ponderosa Pine Logs - Wholesome Digs

#Handmade Log Truck with Ponderosa Pine Logs.

Handcrafted Wooden Horsey Pull Toy

#Handcrafted Wooden Horse Pull Toy made from #sustainable birch wood and #handpainted #nontoxic water-based milk paint. #ecofriendly #childsafe

Precious Handmade Wooden Helicopter.

Wooden helicopter made from #sustainable birch wood and #handpainted #nontoxic water-based milk paint. #ecofriendly #childsafe