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Creating an Eatable Yard

There is no better gift to the environment than a garden. A garden uses trapped carbon dioxide and converts it into food. A garden reduces your carbon footprint because it allows you to grow your own food. A garden is the epitome of the "buy local" mantra. It does not get any more local than your garden.

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Plan Now for a Bountiful Spring Table

While most of the eastern part of the nation is covered in feet, and feet of snow, the west coast is blazing in sunshine. Right now is the perfect time for planning your spring or early summer garden. At the same time plan your spring and summer table. What this means is simply to decide to grow what you eat the most. The concept of "from garden to table" is increasingly important from a green standpoint, but also from an environmental standpoint. Here is a look at some tips to planning a great spring and summer table

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End Your Dependency on Paper Products

Our love affair with convenience is coming to an end. Every day more and more families are choosing to live sustainably by replacing habits of convenience with thoughtful and purposeful substitutions.

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Teaching Your Kids To Be Mindful (Eco-Friendly/Green Living)

Learning the importance of green living is crucial, and this rule applies particularly to today’s kids as they are building the world they will live in for the rest of their lives. By teaching children about eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable living, they can learn the value of the natural world around them and build a passion for keeping their planet healthy and safe.


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Gifting Ideas: Finding The Right Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday that you can spend honoring those you love, and finding that special gift does not need to be difficult! At WholesomeDigs.com, we have a plethora of different products that make perfect gifts for your special someone, and each piece is made with environmental sustainability, safety, and quality in mind! 


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Handmade Fire Engine with Ladders - Wholesome Digs

The handmade wooden Fire Engine comes with two firemen and two removable ladders. 

Handcrafted Wooden Horsey Pull Toy

#Handcrafted Wooden Horse Pull Toy made from #sustainable birch wood and #handpainted #nontoxic water-based milk paint. #ecofriendly #childsafe