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Two Natural Fly Repellants Enhance Outdoor Dining

Outdoor barbecuing season is here. It's time to grab your tongs and get ready for the fun! Don't put up with pesky flies, though. Repel them with two of our favorite natural mixtures that are healthy and safe for all your guests.

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Mother's Day Gift Basket Ideas for the Mom Who Has Everything

Moms do a lot. Finding the right way to show her you appreciate it can be tough. If your mom has everything, we've got you covered this Mother's Day. 

Use promo code: MothersDay15 to save 15% on everything we offer. 

Or check out some of these other great gift basket ideas she will surely love.

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Six Ways to Keep Toddlers Occupied During Meal Prep

Preparing meals is a labor of love in our home, and we enjoy involving our kids in the process. Unfortunately, several dangers like hot pans and boiling water don't mix well with curious toddlers. We found several ways to keep toddlers occupied, safe and supervised during meal prep. Maybe these suggestions will work for your family, too.

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4 Life Lessons Your Kids Learn From Worm Farming

Slick, smooth and slithery worms do so much more than play in dirt all day. They also teach your kids four important life lessons, making a worm farm an invaluable addition to your family's daily routine.

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Three Healthy Hard-Boiled Egg Recipes for Picky Eaters

If holiday hard-boiled eggs fill your fridge, don't despair! We found several ways to turn these protein-packed ovals into three tasty and healthy meals even the pickiest eaters in your family will adore.

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Natural Egg Coloring Dyes Straight From the Kitchen

Dying eggs is one of our family's spring traditions. If your family also enjoys mixing colors and designing works of art together, try our favorite natural dye recipes that come straight from your kitchen.

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Creating an Eatable Yard

There is no better gift to the environment than a garden. A garden uses trapped carbon dioxide and converts it into food. A garden reduces your carbon footprint because it allows you to grow your own food. A garden is the epitome of the "buy local" mantra. It does not get any more local than your garden.

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