Olive Wood Extra Large Rustic Serving Board

Combining functionality with beauty, this massive olive wood serving board features organic lines and breathtaking wood grain design. Hand cut from the base of an aged olive tree, the serving board features an organic shape with rustic edging that adds a distinctive touch when entertaining or simply enjoying a special night at home.

  • Handcrafted from an aged olive wood tree, responsibly sourced
  • Features organic lines and breathtaking wood grain design
  • Olive wood naturally darkens with use, adding to its beauty
  • Care: wipe clean with soap and water after use; occasionally treat with olive oil or food safe mineral oil


Small Board - 15" x 9-10" x .75

Medium Board - 18" x 10-11" x .75

Large Board - 20" x 12" x .75"

XL Board - 24" x 8-10" x .75"

XXL Board - 24" x 12-14" x .75"

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