About Wholesome Digs


/ˈhōlsəm/ adjective

conducive to good health and physical well being. 
"These vegetables from the garden are very wholesome."

promoting mental, moral, or social well-being.
"Good wholesome fun is important."


    /digs/noun  informal
house, home, living quarters. 
    "We settled into our new digs in Seattle."


        Our Mission

        From our journeys through life we have formed what we consider a humble approach to inspired living. The relationships and techniques that we have gained along the way are invaluable to this lifestyle. Our mission is simple. We want to share our friends and our finds. We want to pass along what we have learned to other families with open hearts, minds and homes.

        Who We Are

        We started out as a young married couple exploring a new life in a new place. Then we woke up one day to find ourselves all grown up. We are now a gardener, handyman, cook, seamstress and most importantly parents. Parents of two amazing little ladies who's energy never seizes, who's joy is never contained, who's tears never run dry and who's love is never hidden. Not only are we watching and admiring as the our kiddos grow but we are also watching ourselves to see what kind of people we are morphing into.  

        We are constantly challenging ourselves to make the right choices for our family and the environment. Building the life we want to live and the world we want to live in. We strive to create a rich environment for growth that is wholesome, beautiful, comfortable and fun. 

        We are simple people with a simple goal. At our own wholesome digs, we try to do what's right and insist on having fun along the way. We believe that happiness begins in the home with family and friends.

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