Countertop Edge Cutting Board - Design B

Realizing that a beautiful cutting board isn't very helpful if it's slipping and sliding all over the counter, the talented artisan behind this beautiful wooden inlay cutting board built in a special front lip that fits snugly to your counter. Firmly anchored in place, you'll enjoy admiring the layers of cedar, ash, olive and walnut that offer unique vertical striping across the work surface. Nudge your ingredients to the back as you work - another built-in wooden "backsplash" will keep them close by without scattering them on your countertops. 

  • Made with New Mexico sustainably-harvested cedar
  • Crafted in a solar-powered studio for low eco-impact
  • Lovingly created in the United States in an off-the-grid workspace
  • Unique patterning uses four different domestic woods

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