Honey Dipper

These hand turned honey dippers will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Not only will a honey dipper serve as a conversation piece but it is also a very useful tool. When held vertically and dipped into a jar the grooved end holds the honey and slows it from dripping. When tipped horizontally the honey easily slides from the grooves onto bread or into your cup of tea.

Olive Honey Dipper

  • Olive Wood
  • Lush bi-colored swirls of natural olive wood grain

  • Intricate hand turned details in the design

Vanilla Honey Dipper

  • Kentucky Coffeetree

  • Medium brown heartwood grain with darker streaks throughout

  • Small bits of dull yellow sapwood add contrast

Chocolate Honey Dipper

  • Black Walnut

  • The bold color is a terrific contrast to the honey’s lighter color


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